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Advertiser Testimonials

Cass's Closet ad

We started Advertising with the Economizer from its inception and haven't looked back. Our Ad economically reaches folks seeking our kind of store. Jolene at The Economizer is simply the best! She takes great pride in her work and has a creative streak a mile wide! She strives to make the customer happy and does just that! The Economizer is one of the best bargains around!


Cass's Closet - Keene, NH

Monadnock Humane Society ad

When the time came for us to decide where to spend our ad dollars for our biggest fundraiser, the Walk for Animals, last year, the Economizer was on our list. Yes, the other local publications are very important to us and we also worked with them - but the Economizer's format and distribution gave us a different way to tap into a wider audience. We love the price and the color ads and how it's organized. I see them everywhere I go, and I see people picking them up like hotcakes!  We plan to continue advertising in the Economizer and we value what it has to offer!

Carol Laughner

Director of Marketing and Development
Monadnock Humane Society

Greysful Sculptures ad

The Economizer is a great, affordable way for small  business owners to gain new customers and spread the word about their business. I love the size of the ads and the fact that they are in color. My ad for Greysful Sculptures really stands out and gets noticed. I'm always asking people if they have seen the Economizer and I always get positive replies. They say they usually keep it in their car so they know where to go when they need something. I highly recommend advertising in the Economizer to get the biggest exposure and results for your advertising dollar. 


Greysful Sculptures - Vernon, VT

White Home Collections ad

We initially placed an Ad in The Economizer just to try it out. After only one Issue we knew we wanted a year’s worth of advertising, the turn out for the advertised event was phenomenal! It's also great that we can change the ad content for each issue to advertise our monthly Markets or any other special event we have coming up!

Mary Michaud, Manager

White Home Collections & White Home Market - Wilton, NH

Kerry P. Gagne Remodeling and Restoration ad

As a carpenter specializing in older homes I find the Economizer reaches my target audience. Personally I like the style and feel of the Economizer.


Kerry P. Gagne Remodling & Restoration - Fitzwilliams, NH

Antiques and Collectibles Mall of New England ad

The ECONOMIZER is a cost-effective advertising venue for us.  It has grown quite a bit in a short time, and now caters to a large number of antiques and consignment shops.  It has become a very popular shopping guide for vacationers and local Monadnock area shoppers.  Antiques And Collectibles Mall of New England is proud to be an advertiser.

Michalene Kosinski, Manager

Antiques And Collectibles Mall of New England - Greenville, NH

Plumbusters ad

The economizer is a great source of advertising at a great rate. I have grown my business advertising with the economizer.


Plumbusters - Jaffrey, NH


Whistlers Cottage ad

The Economizer was a young publication when Whistler's Cottage opened in 2012. It has been a privilege and pleasure to grow along with such a vibrant and energetic paper so dedicated to helping our local businesses grow and thrive.


Whistlers Cottage - Marlboro, NH

Second Impressions ad

Since advertising my shop with The Economizer, I have had people from all over visiting my store. They really got my shop recognized, and the increase in traffic has resulted in more sales.


Second Impressions - Winchendon, Ma