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I always use the Economizer to map out my route for "treasure hunting". It's a great resource!

Winner chose a gift certificate to Old Glory Antiques in Fitzwilliam, NH.



A great newspaper! I find out about a lot of businesses I knew nothing about like the chocolate store in Marlborough, NH.

Thanks for a great newspaper :-)

Julie - Bellows Falls, VT

Lady reading newspaper

THE ECONOMIZER ROCKS! I am 62 years old. Loved reading the Ads. Reasons:

  • Colorful large print
  • Big ads (eye-catching)
  • Businesses that I did not know about

My first time actually reading "all" ads and plan to shop and spend money at these businesses. Local newspapers I I find local newspaper boring and I never read the ads due to the small black print. 

Thank-you for your paper, 

Brenda - Charlestown, NH

Lady doing laundry

I never knew this paper was in progress until I walked into the laundromat and saw it on the table. I picked it up and was amazed at the content I was seeing. I went through the pages and read it all, almost forgetting I had clothes to do. Itis very well put together and interesting to read. 

Congratulations to the people who put this together.

Joan - Keene, NH


This paper is the "Go To" for shops in the Monadnock area.

Patrick - Peterborough, NH

Cord wood for sale

This is great. I picked the paper up at Market Basket in Jaffrey, N.H. You have an add for cord wood that can't be beat. I've ordered 3 cord. The selection of consignment shops is fantastic. I prefer to shop consignment. 

Thank you,

(I'll be looking for your publication from now on)

Jennifer - Jaffrey, NH

Mountain road

I absolutely love the Economizer. Travelling through southern VT and western NH at different times of the year, I find the consolidated listing of businesses and associated happenings, sales, etc. to be invaluable. Nowhere else can I get such a unique and informative update on these areas that are so important to me.

Michael - Chicopee, Ma

Girl reading newspaper

I accidently came across your paper last month and am thrilled to have found you! I am amazed at the many establishments that advertise with you, that I had never been aware of! I hope to visit each and every one of them in the near future. I also plan to pick up extra copies of the Economizer to share with my friends.

Thanks for being there,

Dee Ann - Antrim, NH

Lady driving car

Just a note to let you know how much I love your paper! It's colorfully laid out. It's interesting and just fun! I keep a copy in my rides at all times, just to reference on my antiqueing road trips. 

Keep up the excellent work,

Jill - Monroe, CT

Bull reading newspaper

I discovered the Economizer while thrifting in Brattleboro. I'm thrilled with the way it is laid out. It's so user friendly to have the ads grouped according to location! I also love the humor lacing the paper. The businesses in your paper demonstrate great creativity in their ads. And the sheer variety of businesses offering practical pricing for services & goods is impressive for such a small geographic location! It's really fun to slowly page through with a cup a coffee. Hat's off to you for putting it all together in such an organized fashion.

K.L. - West Halifax, VT



Girl riding motorcycle

We love to travel out on our motorcycle, so I love to pick up papers like yours for travel ideas, places to stay & eat & also for coupons. 

Thanl you,

Pam - West Dover, VT

Boutique Shop

I have gotten to visit some really nice and unique shops thanks to seeing their ad in The Economizer. I like that you focus on local business. For a small paper you cover a large area. Because I live a little out of your area, I pick up a copy when I can. It's very handy to help me find a business that might have what I am looking for.


Pam - South Royalton, VT

Eating pizza

While en route home from Vermont, we stopped at this wonderful little pizza joint in Bernardston, Ma. There we found your awesome paper! I must say, it was SO refreshing to find an entire newspaper dedicated to local, small businesses. No chain stores, no big-name businesses...just 'mom & pop' shops that need our support! I was so impressed!

I want to take this opportunity to thank your newspaper for being such a great marketing tool for the businesses that count. The ones that will eventually save this economy!

Please keep up the good work,

Tanessa - Willington, CT


10% off

Two months ago, while shopping in Keene, I picked up a copy of The Economizer. Since then, I have been to many of the consignment and antique shops advertised, places previously unknown to me. What bargains! The ads that give 10% off for mentioning the paper is a great idea - no coupons to cut or lose.

Hurray for the "mizer" in Economizer and for supporting small businesses.

Marilyn - New Braintree, Ma

Joyful old woman

The Economizer paper is a must read in my life. It is fun to visit shops in my area and advertisements are so easy to read. Free! I can't believe it! It brings joy into this 83 year old ladies life.

Thank you,

Myra - Westminster, VT